Friday, November 12, 2010

The Importance Of Environmental Sustainability

Environment sustainability is extremely important, to establish a safe environment for the future. The ozone layer is slowly decreasing, and as it continues to deplete the more scientists will worry about the increase on natural disasters, like heat waves, flash floods, severe hurricanes, etc. We rely too much on crude oil, and the oil spill on the Golf of Mexico has a negative impact to the sea life of the area. Consequently, it is very important that we try to look at other renewable sources of energy, to keep man made damage to the environment at a minimum.

There is more than just one way to ensure that we maintain our environment and that it continues for the future. Such as reducing carbon footprints and emission, and reusing as many items as we can. (Such as recycling) We should all use eco-friendly items, not only at home, but also in the workplace. However there is much more to sustainability that just recycling and using eco products. Are there any strategic, economic, or environmental decisions that are being made, to make sure that all of our resources are being used efficiently? Are there any health and safety issues when using these resources? There should be policies in the economy that amplify sustainability, and not the other way around. Green technology is the way to go and any advancement in technology should not block sustainability.

In today's world people have to pay a premium to get things such as organic food, solar panels, etc. compared to the much cheaper GM foods. Going green is definitely not cheap. Even though the green products are expensive, they are also hard to find for some consumers. Cooperation from the government is needed to ensure that the green products are made available to everyone and at an affordable price. It takes a great effort to get green products. They are found online to department stores.
Going green is more of a lifestyle choice to those who want to do so. More people will need to get involved and go green in the future to make sure that our environment is sustainable.
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